Over the years I have learned the importance of being happy in my business and how this effects my overall happiness. It can be all too easy to end up in a business that becomes difficult to be in. Customers that are draining, delivering solutions you don’t enjoy, not bringing in enough money and not having enough time are just some of the things that can contribute to this. It is important to note that a happy business is also a healthy and successful business.

For a truly happy business we need profitability, sustainability and ease of working….then we add in how we feel about being in it and this gives us our HAPPY BUSINESS.

Just like success, happy is a very individual thing. What makes me happy may not make you happy. But one thing I know that we all have in common as female business owners is how our businesses can affect our Happy.

A happy business really does help create a happy life.

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I am proud of many things in my business but the thing that really makes me proud is the way I make my clients feel. I am their biggest cheerleader; I believe in them and I help then gain that belief too.

As a mentor it’s a given that I will help my clients with, strategy, clarity, planning and all necessary guidance. But being a mentor is more than that.

  • I want my clients to have the confidence to own their business and create the life they want.

  • Whenever they hit a hurdle or challenge, I want them to know I will be there.

  • I want them to know that there are no bad ideas and we can talk about anything.

  • When they have a spark of an idea that I will help them create something amazing from it.

  • If they have a wobble of any kind, I will hold them up.

  • I want them to feel inspired and motivated.

My clients know that I’m here for the journey and whatever that looks like. Seeing my clients gain confidence, feeling more in control, motivated and excited for the business is what I am most proud of.

Working on your own doesn’t have to be lonely.

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