The mastermind for female business owners looking to GENERATE MORE in their business


Are you running yourself ragged, maxing out your capacity and hitting a revenue ceiling?

Do you want more time, money, opportunity and flexibility in your business?


If you had these, what difference would that make to you and your business?


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Ready to GENERATE MORE in your business?


Now is the perfect time to start. Whatever you want more of in your business, there is a way so let's work together to make it happen for you.

Imagine your business with more opportunity. Generating the right opportunities that also allow the flexibility you need. Having time to focus on the things that will help you generate more money. Using this money to invest and grow. Working with amazing clients and delivery services that you enjoy.

Your business has the potential to be what you want it to be and to give you the life you desire…let's open that up and Generate More of what you want.


I'm ready to GENERATE MORE

What's Included

12 weeks of mentoring & coaching
Deep dive 121 session (90min)
2 x 121 sessions (45min each)
A4 workbook
Support in a dedicated Facebook Group
Additional Resource Hub 
Full access to me (voice notes, emails & text support)

All for just £1500

(installments are available)
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 Are you feeling stuck and no matter what you seem to do you cannot move from the place that you are in, or you are looking to grow the business but not really sure how best to do this? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to focus on.

  • Need more time, clients, and opportunity?
  • Want a better return on the time you are putting in?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck?
  • Is business no longer enjoyable?
  • Have you lost sight of the business potential or lost your way?

Are you ready to invest in you and your business and really open up its potential?

I'm ready to invest

Now imagine having a business that is 100% right for you?

  • You have clients waiting and an abundance of the right opportunities
  • You have more time and are spending it doing the things you love
  • You are driving the right value and enjoying the rewards
  • The business is fun to be in and easy to manage
  • You are clear about where you are going and how to get there
Yes I want the business that is right for me

This is the framework that the masterclass is built on. 10 modules that can be done in any order. These steps are all about purposeful action rather than ineffective action. Its so easy to get caught up doing the wrong things and focusing on the wrong the stuff. These 10 steps ensure that the action we take will make a positive impact in our businesses.

Over the 12 weeks we will cover these 10 modules (along with 2 implementation weeks).


Nailing Your Purpose & Business Focus

Understand your why and getting clear on what you want and need from the business. What are you looking to achieve? How will you make this business your own?

Clarity is the basis of good informed decisions and gives you the ability to take positive purposeful  action. This means you are more focused and effective.

Who Are Your People & How Do You Help Them

It’s important to know who your people are and just as important to know those who are not. This understanding helps you craft more significant and effective messaging. This will save you time and ensure you have more meaningful conversations with true prospects.

Getting to grips on what issues they have that you can solve will help you craft the right solutions.

Building Your Business Pillars

Every business needs process and structure, having good systems will allow you to spend time in the right areas and ensure that the business functions in the way it needs to. Putting good practice in place will streamline your business to save time and ensure that standards are maintained no matter how busy the business gets.

Enabling automation will make it easier for you to be in the business and a good foundation will support you when you grow.

Growing Consistent Revenue Streams

Having inconsistent revenue amounts can be very stressful and difficult to work with. Having a consistent stream of revenue means that you can plan ahead and make more effective decisions. It’s important to consider the types of revenue you need to create this and how it will be made up.

Having the right business model and focus around revenue streams can not only help you grow your revenue but ensure that you do not suffer peaks and troughs.

Creating Your Solutions Pathway

Having the right solutions allows you to better match the needs of your ideal clients. It also allows you some flexibility and options around specific needs and budgets.

By creating solutions along the pathway that get more involved as they go along, gives you an opportunity to transition clients and maintain them. This will also make your business more robust and remove vulnerability around certain services. Having them connected in some way makes your marketing and messaging more consistent and effective.

Building Your Brand & Getting On Point With Your Messaging

It is so important that your brand represents who you are. It must also create the right look and feel for your ideal customers. When we go through periods of change or growth this branding can get a little muddled and this will affect the message you are sending out.

Getting clear on what you brand is and what needs to be said will go a long way in making your marketing really work for you.

Growing Your Visibility & Getting Social

Marketing is crucial and bringing in a consistent amount of the right type of leads will make a big difference to your business. We will be exploring the different ways in which we can become visible.

We will also be spending some time looking at the beast that is social media. It’s important to find a way to make this work for you rather than you being a slave to it. Lets make sure we are forging relationships and getting a return on the effort we are putting in.

Creating A Sales Process That Works For You

Selling is crucial and the life blood of business but for many this is daunting. Using a framework and process can really help. It’s important to build a strong pipeline and know how to manage that.

Selling doesn’t have to be hard or sleazy. Its just about finding the right way for you.

Exploring Your Growth & Potential

Growth is exciting but we have to plan for it. We need to understand what will be affected and how things will change as this growth comes in. What needs to be in place to support us during this time and what are the triggers for this change.

Looking at the potential can help us see what is possible but should also give us an insight into what will be needed. Mindset, systems & solutions are some of the things that will need to be scaled up ready for growth.

It’s All About You

It really is. You are the most crucial element in your business, so you need to look after yourself. We will be looking at how we ensure our wellbeing, what work life balance looks like for us and how to maintain it.

We will also be tackling our mindset, making sure we are ready and have the necessary tools to deal with whatever comes or way.

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"I’ve known Lisa personally for a few years and started working with her in 2020 and since she has become my business coach she has supported me with taking my business to places I knew I wanted to take them I just needed the direction on how to do it."
"Every business no matter their size should have a Lisa and I would highly recommend booking a discovery call with her so that you can see exactly how amazing she is."
"I've worked with Lisa in a number of different ways - always finding her open, supportive and incredibly knowledgable. She always listens carefully, providing insights and ideas but essentially giving space to talk through possibilities and opportunities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa - thanks for being part of my journey!"

We create our business, we build on it and we grow it,

but the principle is more than that.


In our businesses we are always creating. Such as, new solutions, ways of working, processes, campaigns ….the list goes on. To make sure we keep evolving we need to nurture these creations and build on them. Then we can grow them.

I apply this to everything I do in my business. I see it all as something to develop and its starts with that creation. Building on it is all about refinement and effectiveness. Once this is in place I can scale and grow it.