Do You Have Productivity Dysmorphia?

Oct 08, 2021
Do You Have Productivity Dysmorphia?
I recently read an article by ANNA CODREA-RADO in which she asks Do I Have Productivity Dysmorphia?
She talks about not being able to enjoy her success or feeling like she is failing which results in her needing to do more work and on a constant hunt for improved productivity. I thought this is something you might relate to.
A feeling that no matter what, that it isn’t good enough or that you never really have a productive day. When something is achieved its ignored or glossed over as you focus in on the few things that didn’t happen.
She says “It is ambition’s alter ego: the pursuit of productivity spurs us to do more while robbing us of the ability to savour any success we might encounter along the way”.
To me this seems to centre around the inability to be content in the moment, to be present and enjoy what has been accomplished. Instead, the focus is on what is next. Yes, maybe this is influenced by what we see in others and what we now deem as being productive – we can do it all type behaviour.
My other take away is that this isn’t about time management but more about the constant need to be creating or generating more.
So does it stem from setting the bar too high? Or the influence of imposter syndrome? Or our constant need to create the next big thing?
What do you think?
Anna has done some research on this and the article goes into more detail about this and similar conditions like imposter syndrome, I will put a link here for you to read for yourself.

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