Embrace opportunity & stay on your path

Sep 22, 2021

Embrace opportunity & stay on your path

At some point in your business as you are journeying along your path, opportunities will start coming in from all directions. Everyone has a great idea for you and the most heard phrases are “have you ever thought of…” or “you should be doing…”. You see other people in your industry making moves and think they could be good for you.

But not all opportunities should be embraced. It so easy to be swayed by other people’s ideas of what success looks like. However, they are not on the same path as you, they are on theirs. You need to decide out of the opportunities that come your way which will take you further down your own path.

I always listen when an opportunity comes along but I have learnt to take my time and be measured in my thinking. I put opportunities into 4 categories:

  1. A no – not right for me now or in the future and takes me away from my path. This includes opportunities that have little return or value, could also be time consuming or expensive.
  2. Not right now – a good idea or opportunity that may work for me but doesn’t fit where I am right now.
  3. Let’s do it – an opportunity that meets my needs and takes me further down my path.
  4. Further Investigation – an interesting opportunity that might be good for me but needs some further research. Sometimes they require a larger investment of either time and/or money.


Just because an opportunity presents itself does not mean you have to take. What you want from your business, what you enjoy and how you want to service your clients should be part of your decision process.


Be clear about your path and stay on it, try not to swayed by pathways seemingly paved with gold….they may be heading in the wrong direction.




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