Magic October and taking a boss day

Oct 01, 2021
Magic October and taking a boss day.
October has always been an exciting month for me. Historically I have always launched programmes in October as I feel there is a real buzz about the month. Whilst September for many is about reset, restart or refresh I feel its October when the real magic begins.
With this in mind yesterday I took a BOSS day to make the most of my magic October. I use my boss lady mug, put on a motivational playlist and I work on my business rather than in it. I have a couple of these a month, sometimes broken down into half days if my diary is tight and sometimes facilitated like yesterday in which I had a day with my coach who was running a strategy and planning session.
Its important to make time for this:
• Schedule it in your diary
• Plan before hand what you will work on
• Try not to be working on too many things otherwise you won’t finish anything
• Put your phone on silent and schedule breaks to check in
• Remove distractions
• Make sure all important work is completed beforehand
• Be disciplined!
Having these days each month really helps me to progress further in my business.
When was the last time you had a BOSS day?

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