I need more time

Sep 15, 2021

There just isnt enough time..

If I could give you more time. What would you do with it?

One thing that small business owners struggle with the most and always raise as a big issue in their business, is TIME. They don't have enough of it and they don't use it effectively. 

If I gave you more time right now, what would you do with it. Would it get absorbed into day to day tasks and activity? It's not enough just to have more time. It has to add impact and be purposeful. So what difference would more time make in your business?

Would you focus on strategy, create new solutions or products? Would you get to grips with marketing or focus on service delivery?

What would you finally be able to do and how would this extra time help you grow and create the business you truly want?

Spoiler alert….there is no such thing as extra time!!! No one can give you more hours in the day which means to reclaim some time you have to look at how you spend it. How could you improve the way you are currently using your time? Think about….

  • What are you doing in your business that you could be delegated
  • Would bringing in an outsourcer or expert help
  • What could be automated
  • Which systems and processes are not working
  • How are you structuring your day
  • How do you allocate tasks and work with priorities 
  • Are you allocating time in your week to work on the business not in it

 So when extra time does flow your way, really think about what you're going to do with it. And if you're on a mission right now to free up time. Think carefully about what happens when you do get that time. Be clear about how you are going to use it and how it is going to benefit you in your business.





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