Wednesday Wisdom - Commitment

Jul 09, 2021

We live in uncertain times and this can impact what you do in your business. Currently I am seeing a lot of business owners that are so uncertain about the future that is paralysing them in making decisions or commitment in their business. I understand that not knowing what will happen in March is an issue….but we have never known. When you made plans last year you did not know what would happen this year, none of us can predict the future. All we can do is plan based on what we know today and keep pushing through. Thinking short term only, will only give us short term results.

We must still have long term thinking in our businesses. You need to keep investing in you and your business to ensure that you keep moving forward. Make a commitment to yourself and your business, get back that focus and determination that makes you the business owner you are. Do what will service your future self, find a way to keep your plans on track and make that commitment. Yes we live in uncertain times….but we always have, so don’t stop - keep moving forward. 😁

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