Wednesday Wisdom - What I should be doing

Jul 09, 2021

How often have you said this? Listening to experts and creating huge lists across our businesses and well as looking at others and assuming we should be doing what they are, can make us feel as if we are failing because we are not a carbon copy of them. Remember that they are not you, they have different circumstances, skills, experience, start points and ideas of success. What works for them may not work for us, there are a lot of factors.

This does not mean that the things we are seeing are wrong, in fact they may be right. Afterall we do need to get stuff done, we are running a business. But we need to identify the right stuff, rather than just stuff that others are doing. “what I should be doing…” creates unnecessary pressure and overwhelm for a lot of business owners. It is important to focus on what you can and need to be doing. This means thinking about your own skills, time and what it is you want to achieve. Really think about how you want to be showing up in your business and focus on creating a business that works for you now, not just in the future.

Remember it is important to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. No more I should be doing, instead I will be doing because its right for me.

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