What is a mastermind and how can it benefit me?

Sep 12, 2021
What is a mastermind and how can it benefit me?
I thought I would firstly share my own experience and what I have gained from being in a mastermind.
As a business mentor and coach myself, of course I know what I need to do. But like every other business owner sometimes I can struggle to be objective. We have all heard the phrase plumbers and leaky taps and this applies to business mentors to.
Having an objective eye on my business has really helped. Its also been a great reminder of what I know but need to ensure I am always applying.
Sometimes motivation can be tough to come by, being in a mastermind has really kept me boosted and having some designated time to be working on the business has been amazing. It can be hard to create time for this, so the structure of a mastermind has really helped.
The collective brain power and influence from the grow has been a bonus as has their support.
I have found that by being in a mastermind I have the right motivation to get things moving. I have support and advice when I need it and the space for thinking about the business. With the mastermind I can move forward at not just a better pace but be more effective in the action I’m taking. The momentum I have gained in my business has been huge.
So what can you get from being in a mastermind?
The same as me! The support, advice, objectivity and the motivation and inspiration to really go for what you want.
Who is it for?
A woman in business who is ready to take the next step. That could be starting up, taking your side hustle to your main gig or moving to the next level in your business.
If you have been feeling stuck or unclear about where you are or what comes next a mastermind can help give you the clarity and understanding you need.
If you feel like you have gaps in your business, it can help fill those. Giving you the skills, you need to successfully grow and manage your business.
Have you hit a revenue ceiling or are you maxed out on time? Finding better ways of working and focusing on the right things can help you generate more time, money and opportunity in your business.

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