Work-life balance

Sep 30, 2021
To me work life balance means having the space to do the things I love, this means both time and headspace. Feeling relaxed enough to enjoy whatever it is I’m doing.
It was important for me to create a business that has the flexibility and structure to support how I want to be working and living.
I haven’t always got this right and in the past can honestly say I got it very wrong. In fact, when I stated my own business things didn’t really change. This was because I was conditioned to work and function a certain way. I didn’t really understand what work life balance meant, so didn’t know how to create it.
Over the years I quickly found what didn’t work and in time I understood what I had to do. To create a business that would give me the space, a business that didn’t require me to be working excessive hours, that was flexible and could be managed easily.
So I created one that would work well online. I crafted solutions that I could deliver to multiple people at the same time. I put a structure around my business that would contain my activity. I started to look at delegation, automation and outsourcing. I became more focused and simplified many aspects of the business. I truly feel that I am starting to get that elusive work life balance.
The point is this works for me. My balance is not the same as someone else’s, so take time to be clear about what work life balance means to you and how your business could be structured to support this and make it happen.
I think work life balance is also a state of mind. Its not enough to create the space for it…you have to use it. For me this was like giving myself permission. Reminding myself that it is ok to not always be working.
I still have some work to do but I know my work life balance will evolve with me as my business does. How do you feel about your own work life balance?

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